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dicom2 is a free command-line driven program which allows you to convert medical images and DICOM files to various other formats, while optionally performing some rudimentary image processing tasks... 
reads DICOM file, or raw data-sets (ACR/NEMA). 
converts non-encapsulated (native) syntax to PNG, BMP, TARGA, raw, DICOM (any syntax). 
lists DICOM tags in a human-readable form. 
allows batch conversion. 
extracts multiple-frame files. 
renames destination files using user-defined pattern based on DICOM tags. 
accumulates set of files into one image (to generate masks). 
provides some image processing functions: mask, crop, halve, flip, window. 
is small
available for: 
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Future plans
  dicom2 was not designed to handle all DICOM tricks, but I tried to extend its capabilities in some ways. It is (and will remain) freeware, but I would like to keep track of its users: feel free to send me any suggestions, advises or desires, as well as DICOM samples...
Feedback Future plans
Last changes
  plannedMajor enhancements in the way the options will be processed.    
doneNew parameter ib added to the -d and --syntax options, allowing use of Implicit Big Endian syntax. 
doneExtended the tolerance regarding very strange (and old) ACR/NEMA 2.0 files.
Future plans Last changes
  Version 1.9n, 19 February 2007
newThis release fixes a minor bug that would occur when reading a few specific instances of Siemens NM files.
Version 1.9m, 12 February 2007
newThis release fixes a few bugs people reported recently. Thank you for your feedback. Binaries are also about 13% smaller (not that they were really big, mind you).
Version 1.9l, 7 March 2005
newWow, no update in a long time. This new release just fixes some bug people reported in the last few years (fortunately not too many). thank you guys. The only major change is that, at last, the DICOM dictionary file (dicom.din) is not needed anymore, it is bundled within the binary: no need to install it in awkward locations anymore, you can safely remove your old dictionary.
Version 1.9h, 14 Jul. 2000
newI wish I had some time to document the changes and update this site :( Maybe later in 2001. I'm still maintaining this software from time to time, removing bugs and adding some functions.
Version 1.8, 21 Jan. 1998
newPNG format supported (new -p option). 
newNew DICOM2 environment variable to set default options. 
newNew --compression option to control the compression method used by some destination formats. 
newNew --resample option to control the resampling process (to 8 or 16 bits). 
newNew --get=[max][:min][:mean] option to get maximum/minimum/mean pixel values in frame. 
newNew --timer option to time each call to dicom2 (returns elapsed time).  
updatedI/Os have been optimized. Expect 30% to 100% speed-up in some cases. Check performance tests. 
updatedNew parameters [=il|el|eb] added to -d, allowing DICOM conversion to new syntax. 
updatedNew parameter [=n] added to --halve, allowing to halve many times in a single call. 
updatedNew parameters [=center:width] added to --win, allowing user-specified windowing arguments. 
updatedNew optional [y|n] parameters added to --name, --rank, --reverse, --sort. 
updatedOption --nowarn has been replaced by option --warn[=y|n], but remains for backward compatibility. 
updatedThe resampling process has been slightly modified when dealing with monochrome images (no min). 
updatedWin 95/NT users: the Borland Redistributable Run Time DLL is no more needed :) (see Download page) 
updatedFixed some very nice bugs and potential memory leaks (and introduced new one :). 
Version 1.7, 18 Dec. 1997
newIndependent version number added to the DICOM dictionary (displayed at start-up). Update it. 
newWindows NT support (tested and updated to check dictionary in winnt/ directories).  
newNew accumulating mode --acc=min 
newNew NT and Linux performance tests using a Pentium II @ 300 mhz, 96 meg RAM. 

updatedCorrected a small bug preventing Linux version to find the dictionary in some cases. 
Version 1.6, 14 Oct. 1997

updatedA minor bug corrupting MONOCHROME1conversion to TARGA has been fixed. 
updatedSmall changes in the DICOM dictionary. Update it. 
Version 1.5, 1 Oct. 1997
newFiles have been moved to a new location !  
newPlanar configuration 1 (color-by-plane) is now supported. 
newConversion to true DICOM format is now supported. See -d. 
newNew "How to..." section describing how to extract frames from multiple-frame files. 
newConverting a single frame from a multiple-frame file to DICOM is now supported. 
newNew renaming pattern fields: cur_fr and cur_fr0, related to the current frame number. 
newA new --step=n option allows the user to process every n-th file only. 

updatedThe --frame option has been enhanced, allowing the specification of ranges. 
updatedThe --rank option now displays the rank of the current file AND frame.  
updatedThe renaming pattern aliases have been changed. 
updatedRGB components are resampled to 8 bits when converting to TARGA or BMP. 
updatedThe structure of pixels resulting from a RAW conversion has been clarified (diagrams). 
updatedThe --acc, --mask options have been clarified too (diagrams). 
updatedThis site has grown. The Usage page has been split into pages (1) & (2). 
Version 1.0, Sept. 1997

newConversion from RGB (color-by-pixel) is now supported, as well as samples/pixel > 1. 
newAccess to a particular frame in a multiple frames file is now allowed. See --frame. 
newImages stored as a stream of bytes (VR = OB) are now handled correctly. 
newSequences Item (VR = SQ) are now stored correctly. 
updatedBMP format is now better supported (an alignment bug has been fixed). 
updatedTEXT conversion is now performed before any image processing functions. 
updatedA VR =DA and VR=TM bug has been fixed. 
updateddicom2 performs a bit faster. 
Medical Imaging / Sébastien Barré / Jan. 1998