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The dicom2 tool is a single executable file. Windows users can download this binary file directly. Linux users can download a gzip'ed compressed archive and decompress it accordingly. Note: there is no separate DICOM dictionary file anymore, it is bundled within the binary. You can safely remove your old DICOM dictionary (dicom.din).

O.S. / Processor
Version / Date
Archive size Uncompressed size
 win95 logo
 Windows (Intel x86)
19 February 2007
208 896
 linux logo
 Linux (Intel x86)
19 February 2007
582 927
591 660

WARNING: FireFox users (and others), please do check that the size in bytes of the file you downloaded is the same as the size reported above. If it is not, it is likely the transfer failed, the file got corrupted, or your browser is doing something tricky on your behalf. Try to download it again by shift-clicking on the link (instead of a single click), or use right-click on the link + "Save link document / target as...". If it still does not work, consider using a different tool to download the archive. Linux users with 'wget' installed on their system, try: wget http://www.barre.nom.fr/medical/dicom2/files/linux/dicom2.gz


Just uncompress the executable if needed (Linux), and off you go. Unix users can run: gzip -d *.gz 

Note that dicom2 is a command line tool, you need to run it from a Windows command prompt or a Linux shell

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